Transition Coaching

We customize our advice to each coaching client’s unique situation. We do not do the clients’ work for them. We help them help themselves. We provide a savvy sounding board not available anywhere else. It is secure, confidential and comfortable. It allows the client to articulate career options perhaps not yet shared with anyone else. The point is to allow the client to think outside the box and “test drive” ideas without the risk of embarrassment. After this effort, the client is in a position to make superior decisions about what to do based on what he or she truly wants to do.

Participation in the Transition Coaching program does not preclude the client from being a possible candidate on an executive search. If the client becomes a participant in one of our searches, the transition program is formally suspended and the relationship with Mitroff Consulting & Associate focuses exclusively on the search.

We identify what it takes to assess each opportunity and position the client to stand out optimally from others wanting the same opportunity. Additionally, we are prepared to guide our coaching client during their first few months in the new position to maximize his or her initial success.