Submitting Your Résumé

We recommend you keep a current résumé updated semi-annually so you can apply for promotions or new positions at a moment’s notice and not miss any potential opportunity. Our typical professional is an individual that has a track record of successful results, excellent communication skills and a strategic problem-solving focus. When submitting your information, please provide the following:

Your Résumé

This is your primary marketing document. It reflects your entire career, including early positions immediately following your education. Please list each company, what the company does and your position held there. Focus on the tangible results you achieved in each of your various roles and be results specific. We encourage you to state what you accomplished to achieve specific results. Use numbers to reflect how much, how many and percentage of gain or reduction. State your skills, qualifications and experiences as positively as possible. Add a “Summary of Qualifications” section, which encapsulates your most marketable skills and experience into four to six sentences so your summary is essentially an elevator pitch that details what you are bringing to the table. Please include your education (including executive education programs), military experience and any board or association memberships.

The Cover Letter

This is an opportunity for you to be creative and “toot your own horn” as your cover letter is for our eyes only. It’s helpful for us if you describe why you came to each of your prior positions, why you left them and what your current interests are in seeking a new opportunity. Let us know what type of position (function, industry, size of company) is most appealing to you. Additionally, describe any current accomplishments that do not appear on your résumé. If you have any geographic constraints, please let us know that as well. If you were referred to us by a colleague, please be sure to share his or her name.

Salary Expectations

Providing your salary expectations will be valuable in assisting us to appropriately contact you for any given opportunity. These expectations should not be listed on your résumé but rather included in your cover letter. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible, including your desired base salary, bonus, other incentives and stock options or grants.


Please use a standard font, such as Arial with 12 to 14 point font size, and use at least one-half inch margins. All résumé  submissions must be Microsoft Word documents. No PDF’s, JPEG’s, etc. Email résumé to:

NOTE: New California legislation states that employers can in no way seek the applicant’s salary history information. This includes benefits and compensation. If requested by prospective employees, the employer must provide a pay scale for the position for which the potential employee is being considered. Applicants should note this law does not prohibit them from disclosing their salary history information. If the applicant chooses to disclose this information to the prospective employer, they are able to use that information when setting the applicant’s salary. The law doesn’t prohibit employers from using any publicly available salary information; however, that knowledge alone cannot be used to justify disparities in offered salary compensation.